"Stay with me tonight."



1. When did you join the fandom?

2. What was your first experience with transformers?

3. What was the first show you watched? First episode?

4. What was your first transformers figure?

5. Autobots or Decepticons? Why?

6. Who is your favorite Autobot?

7. Who is your favorite Decepticon?

8. If you were a transformer, what would your alt mode be? Why?


10. Favorite transformers show/game/comic?

11. Out of all the movies (including g1 and Predacons Rising), which is your favorite? Why?

12. Favorite transformers figure?

13. How many transformers figures do you have?

14. If you could meet any character from any show, who would it be?

15. Favorite transformers memory?

16.Favorite combiner team?

17. Favorite version of Starscream?

18. Who do you hope appears in the next transformers show?

19. Favorite transformers pairing?

20. Least favorite transformers pairing?

21. Least favorite Autobot?

22. Least Favorite Decepticon?

23. Least favorite transformers universe?

24. Would you rather meet Peter Cullen or Frank Welker?

25. Who is better: Blaster or Soundwave?

26. Who is the most hot transformer?

27. Do you read any transformers comics? What do you think about them?

28. Who has better boobs: Soundwave or Shockwave?

29. Crossover you want to see?

30. What do you like about the fandom?


In Spanish, we don’t really say “I love you” we say “traeme una cerveza” which roughly translates to “you are the light of my soul” & I think that’s beautiful.



i only post like 1% of my doodles cause they’re mostly trash lmao

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